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Project: Room’s To Go, Mayaguez

Owner: Sun Construction

Contract Amount: $1,414,476.32

Completed: December 2005


Type of Work: Site Work 


Site construction for new facilities of Room’s To Go. 

Project: : Widening PR-166, Escuela Urbana San Germán, PR 

Owner: N.L.L. Construction S.E. 

Contract Amount:  $550,000.00

Completed: Februray 2006



Type of Work: Roadway Improvement 


Project involves the geometric improvements and beautification of the PR-166. 

Bridge Over Guanajibo River, San German, Puerto Rico

Owner: Municipality of San German

Contract Amount: $2,600,743.50

Completed: March 2005



Type of Work: Bridge  


The Construction consists of a bridge on Minillas Ward in order to provide secure access for residents. The work includes the construction of retaining wall and placement of gabions along the bridge river bed. 

Project: Airport Plaza, Isla Verde, Puerto Rico 

Owner: Gibraltar Construction

Contract Amount: $756,716.00

Completed: March 2002


Type of Work: Site Preparation, intersection improvements and utilities installation.

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