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Project: Cummins Cataño 

Owner: San Juan Bay Developers, Inc.

Contract Amount: $1,153,520.15 

Completed : May 2013



Type of Work: Site Development



Project consisted in the construction of the concrete pavement, sidewalks, footings and slabs. 

Project: : Higuillar Industrial Park 



Contract Amount:  $6,412,612

Completed: December 2005



Type of Work: Site Development



Project includes earth movement and access construction. 

Project: Monte Grande, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico 


Contract Amount: $1,483,842.50

Completed: January 2004



Type of Work: Site Development


Project involves earth movement, utilities, construction of pedestrian & vehicles access.

Project: Landslide Correction PR-111, San Sebastian 

Owner: PR Highway and Transportation Authority

Contract Amount: $1,887,178.00

Completed: February 2006


Type of Work: Road


Correction works on PR-111 due to a landslide occurred in the zone. The project includes removal of the unstable clay material and the construction of a new embankment with a granular material.

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